Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Appeal of Losing Your Shit

I am a pretty composed person. I take care of my shit. Take it to shit store, or put it in a museum, as Morty would say, and I've done a pretty good job.   Through sickness and in health, through rich and through poor, I've kept my shit together and put my life back in track.

I fucking hate it.

"You'll figure it out" I've been told. "Sorry, so and so needs our help more."

It means I am always alone. I am always in charge. I am always my own calvary. 

I watch as other people are taken care of. Another bill paid. Another ride given. A present bigger and better than anything I've ever been given. And when I do take care of my shit, because there is no other option except the deep, dark, infinitely final alternatives, people tell themselves, "she didn't need my help! She's fine without it!"

I want to lose my fucking shit.

Fuck up my job. Blow up my relationships. Crash my car. Do drugs. Do lots of drugs.

Then people will pay attention to me. Then they will hear me. Then they will love me.

Is it because we love drama? Do we love people who need us more? Is the world so filled with pain, unless we are the loudest,  biggest, neediest motherfucker, that no one cares? Are my mewling cries of help so pathetic that no one can hear me, because I never learned how to ask for help?

It's the worst as I get out of my car. That moment where you choose what to do next. Beat the shit out of someone. Scream obscenities. Fuck my life. Careen dangerously out of control.

I can see the appeal of losing your shit.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's Okay If I Don't Like You

I found myself in a strange conversation one day. Insomuch that I was backpedaling on an opinion I had stated because I hurt someone's feelings. I wasn't taking back my opinion, mind you-- I was simply trying to explain to this woman that my opinion didn't matter.

It started on a completely different subject. I remarked that I don't like DC comics (I'm more of an Image/Boom/Marvel girl*) and that was almost exactly what I said. "I don't really like DC comics." Nothing ridiculous like they have the worst comics EVAH, nor was I shitting on someone for liking them.

What I said next is what got me in trouble. "I particularly hated the selfie covers. I think it's immature and they are targeting an audience younger than me."

This offended a woman, whom we'll call SelfieGirl. "Selfies are a form of self expression!" she said. "Selfies are a form of self love!"

The conversation went down the rabbit hole, where I was arguing for her to get over the fact that I think selfies are immature. It's MY opinion, and she can't take that away from. I am not hurting anyone, and short of an eyeroll, I didn't really care.

Nothing appeased this woman. Unless I acknowledged that people feel good about themselves when they take selfies, I was a "bad feminist." (Oooooh don't get me started on calling me a bad feminist. That's bad feminism right there!)

"Fine!" I'd told her. "Do what you want! You don't need my permission!" This didn't appease her either. My one comment, on a board about something else completely, was enough to destroy all of feminism in one fell swoop.

Look. I think selfies are for kids these days. I'm old. Get off my lawn. Damn rock and roll. Etc.
Have I taken selfies before? Uh YEAH, I'm old, not dead. Have I felt good when I get a bunch of likes or retweets? You beat your sweet social media I do. I even have selfies with duckface wih people that I really admire, and they make me happy when I look at them.

I could split hairs with you all day about how and when I think selfies are acceptable or a nuisance but that's not my point here.

What is my point, then?

You don't need my fucking permission.

You don't need my approval. You don't need to be my friend. We do not need to see eye to eye on everything. Life is not about one big checkbox that everyone has to fit into.

I don't care for most things. The list of things I DO like is much, much shorter than the list of things I hate, so don't feel like you're on some exclusive list if I don't like you.

And you may think, "that's a terrible way to live" and I don't give a shit what you think. That's your opinion and if you choose to live your life a different way, it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I am not you, and you are not me, and we are not meant to live life the same way. I cherish people both like me and unlike me, so that I may find comfort in the former and find inspiration on the latter.

So the next time you see an opinion you don't agree with, ask yourself, does it really matter? Are lives at stake? Is this promoting violence or hate? And please take a moment to decipher between "hate" and "don't like." Saying "I hate red" is very different from "red is terrible and must be obliterated!"

You don't have to agree with me. My opinion is not that important, unless you make it that important. You don't need permission or acceptance from me to live your life.

I don't have to be your friend. I promise you'll live without it.

*I made a funny!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why Chibi-Robo Makes Me Sad

I love Chibi-Robo. I played the flower DS game first, and mildly played the original on the Gamecube.

I loved the unique gameplay. I loved the stories, and how it centered around making friends or helping out instead of violence and carnage.

(I also love violence and carnage, don't get me wrong. It's simply easier to find a shooter than it is a nonshooter with a story.)

When Zipline was announced, I immediately preordered it. Well, when the article crying that if "nobody bought this game then there would never be another Chibi-Robo" then I ran to Amazon for the amiibo bundle.

I got the game yesterday. Within minutes of being home, I loaded it up and started on Chibi-Robo's new adventure. In another few minutes, I hated it.

I hadn't even finished the first level.

It's a platformer, just like every other Nintendo game anymore. It felt like Kirby. It felt like Yoshi's World. It felt as much a  "Chibi-Robo" game as the "banana cream" pie you buy at the store that contains banana flavor, not bananas.

I wanted a Chibi-Robo game. I wanted to explore and pick up trash and make little kids smile and heal some broken hearts. Instead, I have an ugly ( what the shit why do DS games still look like crap???) run of the mill platformer that is exactly the same as every other Nintendo platformer they come out with.

It's this crap that makes me hate the video game industry. Because they cheated Chibi-Robo. They tried to play it safe by making a carbon copy of other successful games instead of actually making a new Chibi-Robo game.

And so the fate of Chibi-Robo lies in the fate of a half assed, unimaginative clone. And most likely, it will go one of two ways: they will decide it is  successful, and continue to spit out Chibi-Robo flavored platformers instead of a traditional Chibi-Robo style game, or it will tank, for the reasons I listed, and Nintendo will decide that "nobody likes Chibi-Robo" and it will be put on the shelf indefinitely. They have decided on middle of the road blandness over creative originality.

And this is why Chibi-Robo makes me sad.